Pleasant and enjoyable drinking

Our Liquor products unique and no one can copy our taste and grade.


    Fortified wine / Apple brandy / Cider

    Every province in Korea has their special
    agricultural product, especially Uiseong city
    where our factory is located is famous for sweet apple.
    We use these local apples to make apple products
    fresh and tasty.

  • RICE

    Rice whisky / Original Soju / Organic Soju

    Up until the 1960s, soju was traditionally made by
      distilling alcohol from fermented grains, mainly rice.
      But the South Korean government banned the traditional  distillation of soju from rice in 1965 due to rice shortages.
    Since then, soju has been created using highly distilled
    ethanol(95% ABV). Distillation of grain soju resumed
      in several regions after the rice prohibition was lifted
    in 1999. We have traditional soju products which are
      made with 100% rice.
    Enjoy our original rice soju with best quality.

  • SOJU

    Original / Flavored

    We supply soju of Korean origin.
    Since 2015, the new trends of soju include fruit flavors
    and green bottle soju is getting more popular in overseas.
    Soju can lead your business to the next level
    because it is very limited business.