OEM/ODM trendy products one step ahead of others

We have won trust by customers by meeting their requirements accurately and quickly.

POOL은 멈춰서는 일 없이 끊임없이 도전하고 학습하여 발전합니다. 20년간 잃어버리지 않는 초심과 자만하지않는
자세가 있었기 때문에 POOL은 대한민국 최고의 기업이 되었습니다. 여기서 멈추지않고 앞으로 더 발전하고
나아가는 POOL이 될 것을 고객님들께 약속드립니다.

  • Your brand on ODM products


    We own several ODM products that
    you can do your own labels.
    Our manufacturers also think ODM
    can improve sales performance.
    They are supportive and open-minded
    for doing your own ways.

  • Low MOQs


    We have relatively low MOQ size
    for packaging materials.
    And subsidiary materials have been supplied
    with reasonable price.
    You can make your brand
    with relatively low cost.

  • Reliable quality of Subsidiary materials


    Subsidiary materials are one of
    the important factors for achieving
    reliable quality. We are working with
    the most reliable factories.

  • Supportive designer


    We have our designer to support
    your project.
    Simple works are free of charge.